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Do you know that you do not need to be keen on computer programming languages to become a Maestro collaborator?? You can be part of Maestro Community in several ways, such as:

As Translator
Translate Maestro to your native language, or create a new alternative language file, containing idiomatic expressions of the region where you live!! Make Maestro sounds like yourself, like your friends and neighbors, like your people!! Visit Maestro Language Team Development Page and find out how easy it is to do that!!

As Designer
Maestro is fully oriented to skins and offers very flexible and powerful tools to be dressed up exactly the way you want!! By implementing a lot of complex skin features, Maestro makes very easy for anyone to create him a whole new look. Find out how piece of cake it is in Maestro Skin Team Development Page!!

As Java Progammer
Maestro is a free multi-platform software totally written in Java. If you are a Java enthusiastic and know how to write clean and high quality code, then accept the challenge: visit Maestro Programming Team Development Page and find out how delightful is to be part of our tech team!!

Are you interessed in join the Maestro's Team?! Contact us and be welcome!

Project Coordinator / Developer
Gabriel Gagliano, EM-UFRN
André Grilo, DEART-UFRN
Isaac Souza, DCA-UFRN
Jéssica Oliveira, DCA-UFRN
Wladmir Santos, DEART-UFRN
Sérgio Natan, DCA-UFRN